WV State Credit Union

The following applies to Members of The State Credit Union.

Your established loan payments and contributions to savings accounts will not change due to the paycheck conversion.
In any given month that has a 3rd pay period, no loan payments or contributions to savings accounts will occur. All of your funds will go to your directed location.
Existing loan payments and other deductions coming to the State Credit Union will remain on 24 periods.

The upcoming paycheck change affects us all. The credit union doesn't have any involvement in the implementation dates or "Waves", or issues that may or may not occur upon completion. Your best source of information will be your payroll or human resource department. You as a state employee will receive updated information regarding the paycheck change before us. Refer to the wvOASIS webpage or the WV State Auditor's webpage for helpful information. We are in this together and will strive to make this paycheck transition change as smooth as possible. The State Credit Union is here to support you.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the State Credit Union 558-0566, or email to contact@scuwv.com.


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